What happens next?

The characters and places in Cottage are part of me. I know them as if they are real (which some of the places are). For many years, I’ve had Thomas, Martha, Christie, and Martin spend quality time in my mind. The cottage and Martin’s house are printed on my brain. River’s End Beach is my favourite place to visit in my dreams.

So, when The End comes along, what happens next? Do I forget about the world I created and hope they all live happy ever after… without my involvement?

That was my expectation. However, for every story told, there is one kept hidden. Aspects of some of the characters didn’t show themselves in Cottage. Secrets were not all revealed.

It seems that there is a certain amount of unfinished business with my little creation. Later this year, its sequel will be released, bringing your favourite (and maybe not so favourite) characters back. Expect more heartwarming moments, more puzzles, higher stakes and dare I say it, heightened suspense.

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Happy reading!

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