The power of the press

Local newspapers are still alive and kicking. On 14th February 2017 – the release date of Cottage – Midland Express published an article on the book. This article was then used on social media by bookshops to promote it, as well as keeping a physical copy where the book was shelved.

Almost two months later, people still walk into one of those bookshops carrying the article that they have kept to remind them to purchase a copy.

A few weeks later, Gisborne Gazette wrote their own piece on the book and on me. That was also used in social media and has led to more awareness locally as well as regular sales.

How wonderful that we still have newspapers! There is nothing that compares to opening a paper with its inky smell and sometimes grainy pictures. They sit around in homes and at work for weeks on end and are flicked through more than once. May we always have papers to remind us to slow down a bit and love local.

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